Posted by: perches | January 2, 2011

happy new year

Hello to 2011!

Today is the end of the week 1 of 53. I hope your year has kicked off to a great beginning. Have you been wondering what the next 52 weeks will offer? Have you made (or are planning to make) a list of Lovely Things you’d like to experience this year?

For me, the responses would be, ‘Kind-of, Yes, and Definitely!’.

I hope you’ll join along and embellish each week of 2011 with at least one great / simple / interesting / calming / delicious / thrilling / LOVELY thing. And remember: these are personal delights, not cumbersome resolutions, so make your list with a sense of fun and adventure.

Really, one my few Resolutions for the year is to do the weekly update for this blog, so that I can share the amazing things that our participants have accomplished. There were plenty of great adventures and simple treasures happening last year, and I kind of fell asleep on updates. Totally my bad, sorry.

Sign-ups for 2011 will open in the next day or two. My toddler and I are recovering from a state of coughing, congested, sleep-deprived grossness that snuck upon us New Year’s Eve and is slowly receding. Not lovely, I know, but just so you know why I’m a little late updating things here.

As with last year, the sign-up form will require the following information:
your name
address for your blog, flickr account, facebook, twitter, etc (i.e. whatever online media you are using to update the progress of your Year of Lovely Things list for the year)
and 5 things from your list.

Looking forward to your adventures!



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