Posted by: perches | January 13, 2011

mid-january roundup

We’re nearly halfway through January! And there has been some crazy weather, regardless of which hemisphere you’re living in: summer floods, winter ice/snow storms. Oy! A little tranquility, please? In all of this hustle and shuffle, we’ve made a great start with participants for this year’s Lovely Things. Thank you! Here are some of the activities proposed for the year:

GO kayaking : cupcakes & catfood
BUILD a sand castle : life’s moments
MAKE lemon sorbet : mental dustbunnies
WATCH the sunrise in the desert : mistress
VISIT a bee keeper : perches in the soul

If you close your eyes, can’t you imagine doing each one so clearly? They’re all so tangible: 
the pull through the shoulders wielding the paddle;
the damp grains of sand sticking and sifting between the fingers;
savoring the sweet, cold, puckering-sour mouthful of sorbet;
reveling in the cold, quiet peace of dawn;
and the summery humming of bees at work.
Delightful, ne? I love these kinds of lists, because they offer wider life-vistas to explore. 

Several other people have let me know that they are writing their Lovely Things lists for the year, so keep an eye out for more fun updates.

Hope your week offers you a little joy and inspiration.


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