Posted by: perches | January 28, 2011

lovely things: january roundup

Transitions, celebrations, rediscoveries, and more! In January has seen a wide array of Lovely Things list activities. Some of us chased whimsy, others carried out deliberate life plans. Some moments were deeply reflective, while others dealt with practical needs. We’ve made achievements in the kitchen, workplace, church, and mountains. Year of Lovely Things, thy other name is Diversity. Here are a few highlights:

cupcakes & cat food : acts of faith and professional development

lifes moments : replacing a phone lost to baby drool

mental dustbunnies : a funny/sweet kiss and some tasty soup

mistress : going for a drive in search of snow

on hooks & needles : celebrating a new job and a snow day

perches in the soul : making cupcakes and drinking champagne

swallowing roses : celebrating a 10th wedding anniversary

Thank you for playing along. I hope that you’re enjoying the year so far – or at least, are able to create some deliberate and lovely moments amidst the rest of the week.

If you aren’t a 2011 participant yet, do want to try? It’s never too late to begin: there are still 48 weeks ahead of us. That 48 lovely things you can sprinkle into your daily life. Like cupcakes. Or cartwheels. Or going to the beach. Or holding hands and taking a walk with someone you love.

Now there’s a great list for February, ne? I think so, and I hope you have a fantastic month to come.


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