Posted by: perches | March 30, 2012

2012 lovely things: 1st quarter roundup

With the close of March, here’s a quick glance at some of the Lovely Things we’ve accomplished over the past three months. We had adventures close to home or out of state. We cherished special times with our loved ones. We made special treats to gift and to savor. We made funny/unsuccessful attempts at new exercise routines. We played a lot.

all the lemming kings : went to see bullriding & made some adorable gifts

lifes moments : enjoyed snow play with her little Lovey & a Monthly date with her Mister

on hooks & needles : baked a new dessert recipe (cheesecake and a strawberry-cherry pie – yumm!) & went to New York City

perches in the soul : tried zumba & went home for Mardi Gras

With such a great beginning, the next quarter of 2012 is sure to be interesting. I hope you’ve been finding a weekly dose of joy in your year so far. Thank you for playing along.

If you aren’t signed up yet, it’s never too late: we still have 9 months ahead of us. That’s 39 weeks – or I like to think of it as 39 Moments of Deliberate Weekly Delight. Sweet.

And if you need inspiration, start with 5 easy things that make you smile and go from there. For me? Send a post card hug to a friend. Go for a walk or bike ride somewhere nice. Find something cool at a thrift shop. Make pancakes. Enjoy the sunshine for a few minutes.

Yummm… pancakes.

Wishing you the best in April.


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